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Runley’s Zahara’s Move Original Stories Read-Along

What ‘big letter’ starts the story? – Z (page 1)

How many gorillas appear in the tree? – 3 (three) (page 2)

What kind of jokes do the gorillas make? – knock-knock jokes (page 2)

What kind of animal is Mabuufo? – a hippopotamus (page 3)

At what time does Zahara have her breakfast? – 9 o’clock (page 4)

How many red apples appear in Zahara’s breakfast tub? – 6 (six) (page 4)

How many people is Zahara spraying with water? – 6 (six) (page 5)

What is the zookeeper’s name? – Chichi (page 6)

What color is the zookeeper’s hat? – red (page 6)

Why must Zahara and her mom move? – the zoo is adding more animals and needs more room (page 7)

The truck smelled worse than what? – gorillas’ banana burps (page 10)

What color is the outside roof of Zahara’s new home? – yellow (page 11)

How many yellow dots are on Zahara’s new water tub? – 3 (three) (page 11)

Where did the water from the waterfall land? – rolled off rocks and landed in a little pool (page 12)

Where did Zahara lie down? – in a shady spot outside the hut (page 13)

How many spots does Kimmi have on her long neck? – 4 (four) (page 14)

What kind of animal is Leonardo? – aardvark (page 16)

How did the water feel on Zahara’s thick skin? – cool and soothing (page 18)


Additional Questions:

What body parts could still be seen after Mubuufo sank down into the water? – his ears, eyes and nostrils (page 3)

What color are Kimmi’s eyes? – brown (page 14)

Describe the leaves of the Acacia tree. – prickly (page 16)

How was Zahara feeling at the end of the story? – happy (page 21)


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