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Runley’s William and His Road-Builder Machines Original Stories eBook

At what approximate time does William eat his breakfast? – between 7:20 a.m. and 7:25 a.m.

What kind of cereal does William eat for breakfast? – Ley’s Oatie O’s

What sports equipment has William left out in his yard? – 2 (two) hockey sticks, a baseball glove, a baseball bat and a baseball, a lacrosse stick

How many men did William see working in the field? – 2 (two) men

How many legs are on the tripod? – 3 (three) legs

How many wheels are on William’s tricycle? –  3 (three) wheels

What is skid-steering? – skid-steering is turning the dozer by stopping one track and keeping one track going

What colors do you see on the excavator? – grey, yellow, green, red, orange

How many lights are on the front of the Articulated Off-Road Hauler? – 4 (four) lights

How many elephants did William think would fit in the dump-box of the Articulated Off-Road Hauler? – 18 (eighteen)

How many words appear on the Road-Grader? – 3 (three):  Williams Construction Ltd.

Where is the Road-Grader parked? – near a fence

Name the colors on the umbrella. – yellow, blue, pink

What is the man wearing on his head? – a white hard hat

What did William’s stomach say to him? – “William, I’m hungry!”

What does William collect? – marvelous pictures


Additional Questions:

How many books are on the shelf? – 4 (four) books

How many animals are in the breakfast picture? – 5 (five) animals

What initials appears on the shed? – W and R

How many orange stakes are on the ground in page 3? – 5 (five) stakes

What is hanging around William’s neck? – a camera

What letter is on the Excavator operator’s belt? – the letter W

Name the animal on William’s shed. – a squirrel

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