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Runley’s William and His Fire Trucks Original Stories Read-Along

At what approximate time does William eat his breakfast? – between 7:20 a.m. and 7:25 a.m. (page 1)

What kind of cereal does William eat for breakfast? – Ley’s Oatie O’s (page 1)

What sports equipment has William left out in his yard? – 2 (two) hockey sticks, a baseball glove, a baseball bat and a baseball, a lacrosse stick (page 2)

What is the name of the store where William can buy pies? – Stevie’s Bakery Café (page 3)

How many music notes are on the Emporium’s sign? -10 (ten) notes (page 3)

What is the name of the fire department on the Tub Pumper? – Oldetown Fire Department (page 4)

How many air bottles are on the ATV Fire Buggy? – 4 (four) (page 8)

What is stored in the box on the back of the ATV Fire Buggy? – shovels, brooms, axes (page 8)

What is the truck number of the Rescue Pumper? – Pumper 101 (page 10)

How many words appear on the Aerial Pumper? – 4 (four):  Fire, Department, Fire, Dept. (page 12)

How many ladders appear in the Hook and Ladder Truck image? – 2 (two) (page 14)

What is Spots laying next to in the Hook and Ladder Truck image? – a fire hydrant (page 14)

How many letters R can you find in the image of the ARFF? – 3 (three):  ARFF, YOURTOWN, EMERGENCY (page 16)

How many doors can you count on the ARFF truck? – 9 (nine) (page 16)

What is the name of the coolest truck William sees? – Wild-land Fire Truck (page 18)

How many tools can you find on the Wild-land Fire Truck? – 6 (six):  axes, shovels, brooms (page 18)

What did William’s stomach say to him? – “William, I’m hungry!” (page 20)

What do you think is William’s third most favorite food? – frozen juice treats (page 21)

Additional Questions:

How many bananas are on the breakfast table? – 1 (one) (page 1)

How many teapots can you find on page 1? – 2 (two)

How many buttons are on the captain’s jacket on page 6? – 10 (ten)

What initial appears on the old Truck Pumper? – W – on the front of the radiator (page 6)

How many amber lights are on the picture of the Rescue Pumper? – 11 (eleven) (page 10)

What does the roof-mounted nozzle look like on the ARFF? – a twisted drinking-straw (page 16)

What is on the front bumper of the Wild-land Fire Truck? – a winch (page 18)

How many hamburgers are on the picnic table? – 6 (six) (page 20)

What is the kitchen utensil that the firefighter is holding? – a spatula (page 20)

Name the animal on William’s shed. – a squirrel (page 21)


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