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Runley’s Three Billy Goats Gruff Fairytale Stories Read-Along

What ‘big letter’ starts the story? – O (page 1)

Can you find the rainbow trout? How many times does he appear? – pages 1, 12, 16, 19    – 4 (four) times

Where did the three brothers live? – in a wide valley surrounded by high, snow-capped mountains (page 1)

What did the three brothers do each morning? – looked in the reflecting pools and admired themselves (page 2)

Which goat wears a spotted tie? – Biggie (page 1)

Who wears a belt with a large T on the buckle? – the troll (page 5)

Why does one of the characters live under a bridge? – the troll was banished to live under a bridge by a wicked sorcerer (page 5)

How many times does Biggie stamp the ground? – 3 (three) times (page 7)

Which page has a rabbit running away? – page 7 (seven)

Who crossed the bridge first? – Tiny Gruff (page 8)

What sound does Tiny make when he walks on the bridge? – clippity-clap (page 8)

What did the troll think of Tiny’s plan? – it was a splendid plan (page 10)

Who snickered “Heeheeheehee”? – Tiny Gruff (page 11)

What sound does Medi make when he walks on the bridge? – clompity-clomp (page 12)

What happened to the bridge when the troll spoke to Medi? – it shook with a deep rumble (page 13)

Why does Medi think he would not be a good meal? – Medi was nothing but skin and bones

– bones would get stuck in the troll’s throat (page 14)

What sound does Biggie make when he walks on the bridge? – trompity-tromp (page 16)

What did Biggie do before he charged across the bridge? – waggled his beard, lowered his ears (page 18)

How many fish jump from the river when the troll falls in? – 3 (three) fish (page 19)

What did Biggie do before he walked off the bridge? – stamped three times, waggled his head, raised his horns, snorted, huffed, puffed, strutted and danced (page 20)

What did the goats do each day after the troll left? – returned to the reflecting pool to admire themselves (page 21)


Additional Questions:

Which side of the river has only roots and dried sticks to eat? – the side where the goats live and eat at the start of the story (page 4)

Where does a blue bird appear? – pages 6, 13

What insect appears on every page in the book? – a fly

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