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Runley’s The Bremen Musicians Fairytale Stories Read-Along

What did Bruce carry in sacks on his back? – corn, beans, oats, barley seeds (page 1)

What sort of bottle does Bruce place in his luggage? – a hot water bottle (page 2)

What instrument does Bruce play? – a guitar (page 1)

Why did Harleigh leave the farm? – the farmer’s wife wanted to send him away (page 4)

What instrument does the dog play? – a flute (page 4)

What are the travelers not to call Alice? – Allie Cat (page 6)

What type of house did Alice live in? – a chateau (page 7)

What instrument does the cat play? – a drum (page 7)

Where is the “old comb” crowing from? – on the front gate of a farmyard (page 8)

What instrument does the rooster play? – a tambourine (page 9)

What is the rooster’s nickname? – Shakey Red (page 9)

Where did the musicians first stop for the night? – in a glade of trees (page 10)

What did the musicians wash their meal down with? – muddy waters (page 10)

Where did Red look before going to sleep? – around all four points of the compass (North, South, East, West) (page 11)

What type of axe did Bruce see in the cottage? – broad axes (page 12)

On whose head did Red perch? – Alice, the cat (page 13)

What were the animals’ “best voices”? – donkey brayed, hound howled, cat meowed, rooster crowed (page 14)

What looked like burning embers to the scout? – the eyes of the cat (page 16)


Additional Questions:

What kind of animal is Bruce? – a donkey (page 1)

How many tuning pegs are on Bruce’s guitar? – 6 (six) (page 3)

What page has a snake in the grass? – page 4 (four)

Where can musicians play in Bremen? – in cathedrals and music halls (page 5)

Can you find another word for traveling musicians? – troubadours (page 10)

Where did Red decide to sleep in the house? – perched high up in the roof on a beam (page 15)

What dug into the scout’s head? – Red’s talons (page 17)

Describe the claws that scratched the scout’s face? – razor sharp (page 18)

Who went into the forest to find the woodcutters? – Harleigh and Alice (page 21)



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