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Runley’s What Makes Me Great Original Stories eBook

What color is Annie’s mirror? – purple

How many canisters are on the kitchen counter? – 3 (three)

What small animal does Aaron wish to be at times? – a mouse

How many hats is Teddy wearing on his head? – 3 (three) hats

What does Teddy collect as souvenirs? – ball caps

Name the colors of the stripes on Kenzie’s blanket. – green, pink, blue stripes

What is great about Addison? – her curly hair

What is Chad wearing to stay safe when he is skateboarding? – helmet, gloves

Name the things Kerry enjoys. – reading novels, writing poems, sunny, blue skies

How many eggs is Gage eating? – 2 (two) eggs

How does Noraheat apples? – sliced up

Count the pairs of shoes in the store window. – 4 (four) pairs of shoes

What does Rachel enjoy buying? – shoes

Name the colors of the flowers around William. – pink, purple, orange, yellow, red, brown, green

What is William’s food allergy? – nuts

Count the spots on the dog’s collar. – 16 (sixteen) spots


Additional Questions:

What sport does Aaron enjoy? – basketball

What color do your cheeks become when you blush? – pink

What does Kenzie do at the beach? – swim, build sandcastles and play with a beach ball

What food does Chad enjoy smelling? – pizza

Why does Norah wear braces? – to straighten her teeth

Who does Annie think is special? – herself and you!

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