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Runley’s Rapunzel Fairytale Stories Read-Along

What ‘big letter’ starts the story? – O (page 1)

The large splendid gardens were part of what? – an estate known as Gothel (page 1)

What is an alternate name for the plant rapunzel? – rampion (page 2)

The man cut himself where and on what? – his cheek was cut on a tree branch (page 3)

What type of thief does Dame Gothel say the man is? – a common thief (page 4)

Which child does the enchantress want? – his first-born child (page 5)

The young girl is taught to play which musical instruments? – piano, flute, guitar (also encouraged to sing) (page 6)

Rapunzel’s hair was as fine as what? – spun gold (page 6)

How old was the girl when she was taken to the tower? – almost 12 (twelve) (page 7)

How many windows did the tower have? – 1 (one) (page 7)

Rapunzel’s lessons were in reading, writing and what else? – the sciences and mathematics (page 8)

How many years was it before the prince found the tower? – 4 (four) years (page 10)

Rapunzel agreed to do what with the prince? – to marry him (page 13)

What material was the ladder to be woven from? – silk (page 13)

Rapunzel was led through a forest to where? – a great desert (page 15)

The prince jumped from the window into what? – a thorn bush (page 16)

In the desert the prince heard songs that seemed what? – familiar (page 18)

Tears of what streamed down Rapunzel’s face? – tears of joy (page 19)


Additional Questions:

Where was the tower located? – deep in a dark forest (page 7)

What were the silver hooks in the window used for? – to wind a loop of Rapunzel’s hair (page 8)

Whose angelic voice drifted over the forest? – Rapunzel’s voice (page 9)

When did the prince agree to come to the tower? – each evening (page 12)

What did the enchantress use to cut Rapunzel’s hair? – a huge pair of scissors (page 14)

Can you name the scents of the four seasons? – the freshness of spring rains, the flowers of summer, the musty dampness of fall, the cold clearness of winter (page 17)

Who went with Rapunzel to the gardens each day? – her children (page 21)


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