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Runley’s Noah’s Ark Bible Stories eBook

What letter starts the story? – O

What kind of trees grow at Noah’s home? – palm trees

Why was God angry? – humanity had become wicked

What was the ark to be built of? – wood

How many doors was the ark to have? – 1 (one) door

How many pencils are in Noah’s pencil jar? – 3 (three) pencils

The black gooey tar was meant to do what? – prevent the boat from leaking

Can you find the names of each side of the ark? – port, bow, starboard, stern

What food was to be stored for the warblers? – bags of dried insects

What was to live in the terrariums? – turtles, toads, frogs

Who was going to live in the pools on the lowest deck? – otters, seals, penguins, walruses

Name the birds at the bottom of the ramp leading to the ark. – penguins, turkeys, geese, parrots, puffins, ravens, doves

After the door was sealed, when did God start the rain? – when God was sure Noah and the animals were on the ark

How long did the rain fall? – 40 (forty) days and 40 (forty) nights

Can you find the name of the mountain where the ark landed? – Ararat

Name the two birds Noah released first. – a raven and a dove

How many loose stones can you count in front of the altar? – 13 (thirteen) stones

How many colors are in the rainbow? – 7 (seven)


Additional Questions:

How many cabbages are in the garden? – 8 (eight) cabbages

Where was dried meat to be stored? – in large lockers

On the page where Noah is gathering the animals in groups of two, which animal is standing alone? – giraffe

Can you find the name of the branch carried by the dove? – an olive branch

What is on Noah’s cane when he opened the door of the ark and looked at the dry land? – a parrot

What animal is behind the gangplank? – a camel

How many pairs of animals came down the gangplank and gathered on the dry earth? – 15 (fifteen)

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