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Runley’s Jonah and The Whale Bible Stories eBook

What colour is Jonah’s clothing? – yellow with red trim

What did Jonah enjoy doing? -reading by the seashore and learning about God’s word

How many trees are in the illustration of God talking to Jonah? -4 (four) trees

What large city was Jonah told to visit? – Ninevah

Give the other name for Spain. – Tarshish

Why did Jonah go lie down? – he felt sick

Count the clay urns on the page where Jonah is sleeping. 3 (three) urns

Who did Jonah think caused the storm? – himself

Describe the weather when Jonah walks on deck. – wind died, sea became calm, sun began to shine

Who gulped up Jonah? – the whale

What did Jonah wish for when he was inside the whale? – a candle

What words describe how Jonah was feeling inside the whale. – very wet, very cold, very sad

Who did Jonah believe would save him? – God

What is the message that Jonah must tell people? – “Turn your hearts toward Me.”

At the end of the story, how did Jonah describe the whale? – an awesome creature

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