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Runley’s Hansel & Gretel Fairytale Stories eBook

What does Hansel put in his pockets? – white pebbles

What food does the mother give each child? – a small piece of bread

Why does the father light a fire? – to keep the children warm

How do the children find their way home the first time? – they followed the path of pebbles

Whose head is peeking from behind the door while the parents are talking at the table? – Hansel’s head

What does Hansel put in his pocket the second time? – crumbs of bread

What happened to the trail of breadcrumbs? – the birds had eaten them

How many candy canes are holding up the roof of the porch? – 2 (two) candy canes

Who lived in the cottage? – a very old woman

How many candy-coated apples appear on the cottage table? – 3 (three) candy-coated apples

Who is the old woman? – a very wicked witch

What color is Hansel’s dress? – yellow (with red patches)

Why did Hansel push small bones through the grate? – to show the witch he was not gaining weight

What did the children find in the old witch’s cottage? – bags of gold, diamonds, pearls, rubies, and emeralds

Who helped the children cross the river? – a great, white swan

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