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Runley’s Finding Leif’s Heart Original Stories eBook

What letter starts the story? – L

Can you find the name of the family dog? – Rufus Robinson

What color is the frisbee? – purple

How many knobs are on the Robinson’s TV? – 3 (three) knobs

How many cans of tomatoes can you count on the store shelf? – about 30 (thirty) cans

What is the price of a can of tomatoes? – 99 cents ($0.99)

What game does Leif like to play with Rachel? – Boppin’ Bots

What kind of dance do Ryerson and Leif enjoy? – hip hop dancing

How many times did Leif cut his finger while cutting veggies? – 3 (three) times

How many dots are there in the center of the pruning shears? – 13 (thirteen) dots

What does Mrs. Robinson say will grow back? – sweet-pea roses

What kind of sandwich did Leif take with him? – tofu and cucumber sandwich

What direction did Leif go to find a heart? – south

What items appear on the wolf’s dress? – teapots

How many buttons are on Silvio’s coat? – 8 (eight) buttons

How many stripes are on the cat’s tail? -18 (eighteen) stripes

How many stars are in the night sky as Leif walks home? -12 (twelve) stars

How many bandages did Mr. Robinson have on his thumbs? – 2 (two) big bandages


Additional Questions:

How many music notes appear when Leif dances with Ryerson? – 9 (nine) music notes

What color is Leif’s backpack? – white with red dots

What food was the cat eating? – a pickle

What caused the pain in Leif’s chest? – he missed the Robinson family

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